PTI will return to power again and need no campaign for elections this time, claims Imran Khan

LAHORE – Ousted Pakistani premier Imran Khan said his party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf will not even need an elections campaign amid the current situation.

Addressing a seminar, the PTI chief said free and fair elections were needed immediately to lift the country of the ongoing economic turmoil in order to restore stability and confidence.

“The more the government delays elections, the more beneficial it will be for the PTI and we will not even need to campaign due to the current situation of the country.”

“Investors don’t invest amid political instability,” Khan said underlining that political stability is only possible with transparent elections.

“Trust of investors could only be restored through election,” Khan added while addressing a seminar.

PTI chief spoke about the country’s state of economy and said it would have been difficult if it wasn’t for the help Pakistan received from friendly nations.

“If we hadn’t received help from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and China, we wouldn’t have had resources for payments,”

Reminding attendees of the seminar about PTI’s management of the COVID-19 crisis in Pakistan, the former premier said: “The corona crisis was extremely massive. Had we imposed a complete lockdown during corona, people would have died of hunger. We provided relief to people during COVID,” Khan said highlighting that his government made the best decisions during the COVID-19 era.

Khan added that it was very difficult for his government to convince the head of the International Monetary Fund to provide relief in payments. “We sought concession from IMF for the construction industry.

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