Bisma Shahid – Meet Gujranwala girl who confronts armed robbers in viral video (DP Exclusive)

Bisma Shahid, the 19-year-old girl, sets a new example of bravery as she snatched a weapon from a robber during a mugging bid in Gujranwala last week.

The incident, which garnered the attention of social media users, occurred on Saturday when a brave girl confronted the muggers and shared this clip to the social media.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Pakistan, the University of Gujrat student revealed how she foiled a robbery bid empty-handed.

Recalling the day of the incident, Bisma said she was waiting for the university bus with her mother around 6:30 in the morning when two men covered in shawls attempted to deprive her of personal belongings including her mobile phone.

As the two attempted to flee from the spot, the brave girl said she resisted and the motorbike-borne muggers collapsed after losing their balance. The girl then got her hands on the pistol, and amid the resistance, the magazine of the hand weapon was then released from the gun.

She mentioned carrying wireless bluetooth earbuds and cosmetics in her bag which muggers attempted to take away when asked about per belongings forced her to fight back. Bisma said she relied on Allah SWT while confronting the robbers.

She also advised other women to carry some protective devices to avert such incidents.

In her viral clip, Bisma can be seen shouting while pointing a hand weapon at the muggers as the duo pleaded for forgiveness.

“Now, it’s your time as you are the one who always shoots people!,” she can be heard saying in the clip that is doing rounds on the internet.

Sitting in a police mobile, a dacoit can be heard pleading, “I have young children,” to which Bisma responded, “Am I not a child of anyone.”

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